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Hurray For The Goddamned Idiot!

Who gives a shit what one white kid thinks?

I’m proud of myself.

For a day or 2 I had a tiny speck of glass stuck under the skin on th tip of my forefinger.  It felt like it was poisoning my whole body from my finger up to my brain.  My arm ached; my head hurt.  It was destroying me.  Saturday morning I dug it out with a razor blade. 

Filled with determination, I bought supplies at the store: the razor blades—double edged, and in a fancy “safety” dispenser (single edged would have been better but I wasnt being picky)—”sterile pads,” matches—sure, I had matches in the house, but god knows where, and anyway it felt right to buy them special for the purpose. 

It wz much easier than I expected.  The razor blade was the perfect tool for the job, way better than a needle.  Sterilized it with a match, wiped it with a “sterile pad,” and went to work.  Didnt draw blood…it barely even hurt.  I never saw the glass come out, it wz so tiny.  At first I wznt sure I got it all, but after 48 hours I’m sure it’s all gone.  It’s an amazing relief. 

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2010-07-05 (Mon)