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Hurray For The Goddamned Idiot!

Who gives a shit what one white kid thinks?

* Text in [square brackets] was not included in my original notes to Jared.   


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2013-12-04 (Wed)

*Image via Discogs. 


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2013-10-07 (Mon)

** I have a couple pictures put away some where, but I doubt I have any very good ones—Wait! I do have one very good picture of him.  Maybe I’ll scan it.  I was going to say that there probaby arnt very many good pictures of him (once you start using those italics they spread like a rash).  Suffice to say he wasnt all that crazy about having his picture taken.  There was this one shot (I may have a print…) of him in his “study” that evryone liked except himself.  I don’t think he cared for how untidy the room looked.  It was this tiny space where he worked, absolutely crammd with books – and all manner of other things – I remember clearing it all out when he died – it really was a mess.  I loved that room tho; I wish I had one like it.  To be in a little womb surrounded by books!  I went thru them all when I was a kid (maybe not all of course) looking for something to read.  I thought it would be a treasure trove, but there wasnt one that wasnt about God an’ shit.  (I probably would have found at least some of them interesting had a been a little older.)  

I also liked that it had its own door, out to the back yard.  I thought that was cool.  

I remember watching him work in there when I was little too.  He was completely deaf and I could stand in the doorway a little while before he saw me out of the corner of his eye.  

About that picture though, it was taken from an upper corner of the room, so the perspective looked funny, and he was sitting on a side of the room I don’t think he usually sat on, and altho it was a stylish shot (photographer trying to be all cool), the look of it was really kind of alien.  

That’s a lot about my grandfather on Father’s Day.  I could talk about my own Papa but it’d be all treacly cliche stuff.  


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2013-06-15 (Sat)

*They’re reading about dinosaurs.  


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2013-06-15 (Sat)


*In America Toure is thought of primarily in terms of his connection to Delta blues.  Toure himself didn’t much appreciate this it seems, making statements to the effect that blues was something he knew nothing about and had nothing to do with his music.  Nonetheless, the family resemblance is immediately obvious: the music Toure played is a cousin of the blues, both of them having descended from Malian music of centuries ago.  Some confusédly describe Toure’s music as an ancestor of the blues instead, which I find rather disgustingly ethnocentric, as if culture and music had not developed, evolved in Africa over the last few hundred years at the same rate it has in America.  I once had to beat down this idiot at Hooded Utilitarian over this issue.  The type of idiot who punches the googlebox a couple times and talks like he knows something about something, constantly acting like his five minutes of googling trumps anything you have to say. 


*My last two years of high school were divided between being high and wishing I was high, more often the latter.  I didnt even have it together enuf to be a good stoner.  …What I didnt have, really, was the amount of loyalty and dedication, to my friends and to “partying,” to do what I really wanted to do, which was stay high.  They were a family, those guys, for that couple of years, glued together by weed, drink, and acid (“trip” as it was known…trip was the noun, dose was the verb; a finger on the tip of the tongue could indicate either).  When I was around, I was part of the family, this squabbling little clump of maleness; but I didnt stay around.  Partly because of the pain it caused my parents when they didnt know where I was, partly becuz I needed a to spend lot of time by myself being depressed.  My reluctance to throw in with them completely kept me out of jail at least.  I mean, sure I went to jail (twice), but I didnt have to stay. 

Note: Rice Cooker Cups

*Not a standard cup—smaller than that, about 3/4—the little measuring cup that comes with the rice cooker which, according to this here Greg (or Grog) is actually a Japanese “" not a USian "cup."  It’s a good unit for rice because it’s about the amount one adult would eat at a healthy meal. 

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2013-03-18 (Mon)


This one.

_Why We Broke Up_ by Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman
(Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman)
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2012-11-15 (Thu)


*Hergé, not Mœbius, is generally considerd the Franco-Belgian equivalent of Kirby or Tezuka because Hergé developed the style that evryone after him, including Mœbius, would build upon. Hergé is the starting point. Mœbius is generally considerd the most influential Franco-Belgian cartoonist after Hergé. However, Herge did not have the long, prolific, diverse career of a Kirby or a Tezuka. Mœbius did; hence the comparison. Boom. [Back]

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2012-03-18 (Sun)

*I am not one of these David Palmer bashers. It just looks like he doesnt have much to do here.


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2012-02-20 (Mon)