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Hurray For The Goddamned Idiot!

Who gives a shit what one white kid thinks?

Not a bad little review of Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve #12, offerd up by Sean T. Collins.

Cover for _The Body Of Work: And three other stories_

New KH minicomic! Happy dance!!

I’m glad Kevin H keeps making minicomix (altho selfish me wants all the minis he makes and doesnt publish). And actually, I’m glad he’s still making big comics too—the Ignatz books are so beautiful—and not switching completely to a vertibrate format as others have. How lucky are we to get a big KH comic and a little KH comic both this fall.

Invertebrate Comics Not Extinct Yet

“[I]ndy folks still keep releasing pamphlets anyways. Why? I like to think it’s cuz they are easier to store than mini-comics.”—Frank Santoro (who else?)

Dan Nadel on BOYS

Picturebox mogul Dan Nadel on Joan Reidy and Ron Regé Jr.’s Boys:

NADEL: To my mind, Boys remains one of the most perfect comic books ever published. It is a single object that encapsulates an entire sensibility in 24 pages. The front cover — hand drawn but consciously designed; looking less like a comic and more like a zine of my dreams — opens to a scrappy title page and Regé and Reidy’s yearbook photos are printed on the inside covers. Twenty comic strips later and we’re done. And then there is the advertisement in the back for other Highwater projects and a slew of Providence-based minis that people are only just catching up to. Circa 2000 was a good time for good times. It functions as a comic book should: an intimate shapshot of a time, place and sensibility.

True supporters of the old-school, invertebrate comic book seem awfully few these days.  It’s nice to read this appreciation by a man who actually publishes them.  Every single thing he says about Boys (a book that wz sorely underappreciated at the time) is totally right on.  By far my favorite of Regé’s comics, th book has a special place in my heart.  One of those happy collaborations that outpaces anything either partner has accomplished on their own (tho it’s entirely unfair to say this about Reidy because any other work she may have produced remains elusive).

I’m glad Boys fell into my hands when it was published, and I’m glad Nadel is around 10 years later to let me know that somebody else feels the same way about it as I do.