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Hurray For The Goddamned Idiot!

Who gives a shit what one white kid thinks?



A Spike Jonze film 

I guess you could say it’s pretty serious. 


A Spike Jonze film 

I guess you could say it’s pretty serious. 

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2014-02-23 (Sun)

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2014-02-21 (Fri)

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2014-01-21 (Tue)


Female pilots edited out of the Star Wars movies.

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2014-01-05 (Sun)

I got a bit off track in my comparison of Luke and Loki when I compared the way each of them learned of his enemy’s weak point.  I was just searching for any hint of another parallel, but that clearly isnt one.  Leia, obviously, is not Frigg.  She is also Loki.  The parallel to Loki’s deception of Frigg is Leia’s bogus diplomatic mission to steal the plans for the Death Star.  

As far as the good guys and bad guys being reversed…  When Loki tells his story, how do you think he tells it?  Rooting for the underdog, the rebel, the rogue is part of the Hollywood tradition, not to mention our nation’s founding myth.  It’s only natural then that Loki becomes a hero in this story rather than a villain.  

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2013-10-20 (Sun)

Oh also, Loki guided the arm of the blind Hod.  Luke piloted his ship with its guidance systems turned off. 

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2013-10-06 (Sun)


Loki Skywalker killed Balder with a missile, taking advantage of Balder’s one vulnerability, knowledge of which he obtained from a woman. 

Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star with a missile, taking advantage of its one vulnerability, knowledge of which he obtained from a woman. 

I was always confused about why Star Wars’s hero was named after Loki, but the parallel is obvious.  What’s confusing about it is that the good guys and bad guys are flipped. 

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2013-10-06 (Sun)


“In my real moviegoing days, which were the thirties, you didn’t stand in line. You strolled down the street and sallied into the theater at any hour of the day or night. Like you’d go in to have a drink at a bar. Every movie theater was partially empty. We never asked what time the movie began. We used to go after we went to the theater. […] We’d leave when we’d realize, ‘This is where we came in.’ Everybody said that. I loved movies for that reason. They didn’t cost that much, so if you didn’t like one, it was, ‘Let’s do something else. Go to another movie.’ And that’s what made it habitual to such an extent that walking out of a movie was what for people now is like turning off the television set.”

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2013-08-12 (Mon)

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2012-10-24 (Wed)

Not An Auteur

So the end film is a collaboration of a lot of people, and I’m the filter who decides what goes in and what stays out.

—Terry Gilliam on his role as a director

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2012-04-14 (Sat)